Is your lovely Virginia home under threat by an infestation of tiny critters? Orkin is here to help with pest control in Fredericksburg. We aren't afraid of getting our hands dirty, and we're happy to share our expertise to help protect your home and loved ones.

Our brand’s humble beginnings go all the way back over 120 years, and since then we've grown in experience, knowledge, and skill to help deliver unsurpassed pest management. Get in touch today to learn more about our Fredericksburg pest control service offerings.

Virginia's hot and humid summers are loved by pests big and small. Cockroaches, ants, and mosquitoes are the most widespread menace, but mice and rats, crickets, silverfish, stinging pests, ticks, and spiders are also common. Pests are more than just a nuisance. They can bring diseases and cause damage to your house. Cockroaches are a potential health hazard; they may track filth and germs across surfaces that can also trigger asthma. Ants may bite and contaminate food supplies, and mosquitoes are known to transmit illnesses such as Zika or Dengue Fever. Rodents may chew through wires, walls, and belongings and carry dangerous diseases. Because of these concerns and more, it's important to implement Fredericksburg home pest control measures at the first sign of an infestation.

Orkin's technicians are thoroughly trained and experts at what they do. We know how difficult it can be to suffer a pest infestation, so we work quickly to help implement the most effective response that’s tailored to your home.

Termites are responsible for a substantial amount of damage to American homes every year, which is why you should seek termite treatment in Fredericksburg if you suspect a termite presence. You may notice shelter tubes made of mud that allows them to move between feeding sites and nests without dehydrating. Because of this system, they can be incredibly resilient and quick to compromise the structure of your home. Get in touch with Orkin for termite control in Fredericksburg as soon as you notice signs of a termite infestation. We tackle active colonies, and we're also available for continuous monitoring to help prevent future termite intrusions into your home.

Bed bugs are nasty pests that can really complicate your life. These blood-sucking creatures love to nest in the coziest spots in your home, like beds, pillows, and sofas. They are difficult to spot, especially for the untrained eye, and even harder to deal with. Trying to get rid of bed bugs in Fredericksburg can be a serious issue. Luckily for you, Orkin's bed bug treatment in Fredericksburg is efficient and swift. We use the best tools to help make sure that our Fredericksburg bed bug control is effective, so you can return to a restful night's sleep without the fear of bites and rashes.

Contact Orkin for help with any problematic pests in your home. We can help deliver the best pest management solutions in Fredericksburg.

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