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Residents all across Virginia know the struggles of having an ongoing pest infestation inside your living space. Getting home and seeing your kitchen floor crawling with intruders is never fun, nor should you put up with it — you need the help of a knowledgeable Norfolk pest control company.

Orkin has been a leading brand in the pest control industry for over 120 years. We provide the community of Norfolk with pest control services that are reliable, offering our expertise to help customers protect their homes.

If you are struggling with a pest infestation, contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

Virginia’s pests may seem like less of a nuisance when compared to other states, but they can devastate your cash flow and health if left untreated. For instance, rodents like mice are extremely common in Norfolk. Mice are a potential health hazard for humans, not to mention that they chew holes in walls and wires and damage stored foods.

Cockroaches cause similar damage as rodents, plus they have a tendency to multiply very quickly. Ants, mosquitoes, crickets, silverfish, stinging pests, ticks, and spiders are also a very common sight in and around Virginian households, each being a nuisance to you and your family.

At Orkin, we understand that each house is unique, and each infestation can be different, so our technicians never stop learning about the different scenarios they may face.

Orkin technicians assess the severity of your pest problem, while checking for pest presences or possible access points. They then devise a personalized plan to help get rid of the infestation, along with recommendations on how to help protect your household from future issues.

If you're tired of the unwelcome guests in your home, don't hesitate — contact Orkin for home pest control today.

When termites take shelter within the walls of your home, they begin chewing through wood and drywall, creating long-lasting detrimental effects to the structure of the house.

If left untreated, the impacts of termites range from property damage, destruction of personal belongings, and devaluation of your entire property in the eyes of potential buyers.

At Orkin, we use industry-leading technology to identify and help put a stop to the problem before it becomes more severe. Our trained inspectors perform a thorough assessment of your household and property, examining the condition of the structure alongside looking for insects around high-risk areas.

Your inspector provides a detailed report on the current condition of the house and a plan of action for termite treatment in your Norfolk home.

For more details about Orkin's services for Norfolk termite control, or if you want to schedule an inspection, contact us today.

Bed bugs are brutal, so it's necessary to act fast in order to get rid of bed bugs in your Norfolk home. Don't let your loved ones continue to suffer from itchy bites upon waking, or the uncomfortable rash that may follow. Orkin's bed bug treatment in Norfolk addresses the problem quickly to help prevent the infestation from growing.

Our technicians carefully examine all the sneaky places where bug bugs may hide. Targeted Norfolk bed bug control attacks the pests that are present and interrupts their life cycle, so they do not multiply.

When you’re dealing with any infestation it’s important to jump on the problem immediately — contact Orkin for any of your pest management needs.

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