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Richmond Pest Pressure

Long, humid summers and close proximity to the Chesapeake Bay makes Richmond, VA, an attractive place for mosquitoes to breed. These blood-sucking pests are capable of spreading life-threatening infections like Zika and West Nile viruses. To reduce the numbers of mosquitoes, eliminate standing water around the house. Even puddles in ground depressions, old tires, and buckets can be attractive to these pests.

Rats and mice are scavengers that annoy Richmond homeowners by digging through trash, building nests in attics and walls, and leaving unsanitary droppings everywhere. Far from harmless, these pests can transmit diseases to humans through bites or contact with their fur and feces. Among these illnesses are rat-bite fever, plague, and Hantavirus. Tularemia, another rodent-borne disease, is spread by handling infected animals or consuming tainted food or water. Its symptoms are plentiful, including inflamed eyes, fever, headache, and swelling of the lymph nodes.

Bed bugs are one of the more serious insect pests found in the Richmond area. In fact, Richmond/Petersburg is ranked 11th in Orkin’s Top 50 list of cities for bed bug related services provided to both residential and commercial accounts during 2016. Bed bugs are introduced into homes and buildings as “hitchhikers” that get brought inside on clothing, used furniture, travel-related items and other infested items. People who are experiencing problems with bed bugs or would like to have an inspection should contact the pest professionals at Orkin who will prepare a plan for both prevention and control of these blood-sucking pests.