Warehouse Beetles

What is a Warehouse Beetle?

Commonly grouped together with other beetle species, warehouse beetles are closely related to carpet beetles. In fact, both pests have a similar appearance, being oval in shape and brown to black in color.

Characterized by patterns of yellow, white, and brown on their wing covers, warehouse beetles are are capable of flight but are often seen crawling. They’re mostly found in dried goods and can cause many issues.

Warehouse Beetle Damage and Diet

The larval stage of this beetle causes the bulk of the destruction. Warehouse beetle larvae are responsible for damaging many stored goods found in kitchen pantries.

From grains and cereals to pet food and candy, the pests feed on a variety of household items. Their eating habits contribute to loss of product and can also cause food contamination.

Warehouse Beetle Control and Removal

When warehouse beetle larvae or adults are found in goods, homeowners should immediately dispose of those items in sealed bags away from the home. Grocery shopping requires thorough inspection of all packages to ensure damage-free products.

Though the above prevention methods may help, getting rid of warehouse beetles is sometimes hard, as they can survive a number of conditions. For best results, contact the trained professionals at Orkin to assist in warehouse beetle control and removal.