Are Locusts Dangerous?

Do Locusts Bite People?

Locusts do not bite people like mosquitoes or ticks since locusts eat plants. While it is unlikely that locusts would bite, they might nibble on someone without breaking the skin or pinch someone to help defend themselves.

Are Locusts Dangerous?

Locust swarms are infamous for voraciously feeding on agricultural crops, trees, and other plants. In fact, this feeding can devastate crops and grasses grown for people and livestock, causing famine and starvation in communities that depend on their crops for survival.

American grasshopper

One of the most important locusts that causes problems in North America is the American grasshopper. These pests damage agricultural crops like corn, cotton, oats and peanuts, trees, many kinds of vegetables and grasses.

Health Risks

Large locust swarms create allergens that affect those with allergies, while animals can suffer respiratory problems when the pests block their nasal passages.