Black & Yellow Garden Spiders

Facts, Identification & Control

Scientific Name

Argiope aurantia


What do they look like?
Yellow Garden Spider

Belonging to a group of spiders known as orb weavers, these garden spiders are easily seen and can be quickly identified.

  • Size: Female yellow garden spiders measure up to 30 mm in body length, while males rarely reach lengths greater than 8 mm.
  • Body: The cephalothorax of the yellow garden spider is covered with silver hair, while the abdomen exhibits clear markings in black and yellow.
  • Markings: At the center of the abdomen, one black stripe and yellowish spots are visible.
  • Legs: The eight legs of the yellow garden spider are black with stripes ranging in color from yellow to orange.

How Did I Get Yellow Garden Spiders?

Plants and flowers exposed to bright sunlight are the perfect place for a yellow garden spider to build its wide, intricate web. The pests tend to settle long-term in yards with plenty of insect prey. Yellow garden spiders are an attractive yellow and black colored species that spin large webs containing a zigzag patterned portion of the web known as the stabilimentum.

Since these orb weavers are common in lawns and gardens, yellow garden spiders may accidentally wander indoors. They often anchor their large webs to door frames and windowsills, which can also contribute to them getting inside.

How Serious Are Yellow Garden Spiders?

Many people fear yellow garden spiders because they are large and brightly colored. However, these pests do not bite unless touched or injured. The pain of a yellow garden spider bite is similar to a bee sting. In general, these arachnids are not harmful, but they may frighten residents when they invade homes. Since these spiders are very good predators of many damaging insects, if possible do not destroy their webs.

How Do I Get Rid of Yellow Garden Spiders

What Orkin Does
Your local Orkin technician is trained to help manage yellow garden spiders and similar pests. Since every building or home is different, your Orkin technician will design a unique program for your situation.

Orkin can provide the right solution to keep yellow garden spiders in their placeā€¦out of your home, or business.

Behavior, Diet, Habitats


The yellow garden spider is known for its ability to spin incredibly complex web patterns. Anchored to branches, twigs, plant stems and other structures, their webs are extremely strong and can reach diameters as large as 60 cm. Yellow garden spider webs can withstand the weight of numerous trapped insects.

The yellow garden spider hangs at the center of its web while waiting for food to come. It senses the presence of prey when the lines of its web begin to vibrate. The yellow garden spider then moves quickly to immobilize prey and to encase it in silk.