Giant Crab Spider Facts

Giant crab spiders (Olios giganteus) belong to the Family Heteropodidae. These spiders prefer dry, hot regions and are commonly found in Arizona. The giant crab spider has a long leg span, which extends from the body at a 90 degree angle. It is able to climb vertical surfaces and, like other crab spider species, it moves sideways.

The giant crab spider is also known as the huntsman due to its impressive hunting abilities. Giant grab spiders wander in search of food and can run fairly quickly in order to overcome prey. These spiders are nocturnal and hide during the day. Their flattened abdomens allow them to fit into narrow cracks and crevices for rest and protection.

Giant crab spiders are commonly considered to be docile andĀ attack only when threatened. Despite its imposing size, the giant crab spider's bite is not dangerous to humans. However, a crab spider bite does cause pain.