Seed Ticks Fact & Information

How to Identify & Control Seed Ticks

The life cycle of a tick is composed of four stages: egg, larval, nymphal and adult. Tick larvae are also commonly referred to as seed ticks. They hatch from the eggs of an adult female tick and are very tiny. As such, they are rarely noticeable unless found in large groups. Seed ticks resemble poppy seeds with six legs.

After hatching, seed ticks immediately seek a host. They will feed on the first suitable host they find.

Seed ticks remain attached to their hosts several days depending on species before dropping. In some cases, a tick will reattach itself to the same host after entering the nymphal stage. Some tick species, such as the winter tick, remain attached to one host throughout their lives.

Seed ticks sometimes die if they cannot locate a suitable host. However, seed ticks are capable of surviving for long periods of time without a meal.

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