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Jerusalem Cricket Bites

Picture of a Jerusalem Cricket

What are Jerusalem crickets?

Jerusalem crickets are a relatively large cricket with a large head and quite large mandibles (teeth). Since their teeth are robust when compared to most other crickets, it is not surprising that Jerusalem crickets are able to occasionally produce a slight, but noticeable bite if they feel they are in danger or need to defend themselves.

Are Jerusalem crickets dangerous?

These crickets are not aggressive and if left alone or not handled will opt to escape and not assertively attack and bite. They are not venomous or capable of producing any toxins, so will not sting or produce any poisonous chemical compounds if disturbed or threatened. These crickets are not dangerous although they do have a sinister appearance.

Do Jerusalem crickets bite?

Jerusalem crickets are not prone to bite and just want to be left alone, but if not given the opportunity to retreat when threatened, they can inflict a bite that usually results in moderate, but short-lived pain.


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