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Brown House Mouse Behavior and Appearance

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How do I get rid of brown mice?

What Orkin Does

Orkin Pros are trained to help manage brown mice and other rodents. Since every yard or home is different, your Orkin Pro will design a unique rodent treatment program for your situation.

Keeping mice out of your home is an ongoing process, not a one-time treatment. Orkin’s exclusive A.I.M. solution is a continuing cycle of three critical steps — Assess, Implement and Monitor.

Orkin can provide the right solution to keep mice in their place...out of your home.

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Behavior, Diet & Habits

Understanding Brown Mice


The house mouse (Mus musculus) occurs in a range of colors, including brown, which might lead people to call it a brown mouse. Brown mice often are more active at night and feed on a variety of foods, including seeds and insects. Brown mice are good climbers and may be found atop trees or manmade structures. They are also capable of running very quickly and jumping.

Life Cycle & Behavior

If food supplies are sufficient and predators are kept at bay, brown mice produce offspring throughout the year. Females produce up to 10 mice in a single birth and offspring are ready to reproduce within 60 days.

Brown mice typically live less than a year. Brown mice are prey to a number of other animals and do not possess effective defense mechanisms. As a result, they select their nesting places carefully to ensure that predator populations are not nearby.

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