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White Silverfish Facts & Information

Named for their silver-grey coloration, the silverfish measure between 12 to 19 mm in length and are covered with scales. The bodies of silverfish are tapered and host three tail filaments, which resemble antennae. Newly hatched young silverfish, also known as nymphs, are white in color. Nymphs emerge fully formed from the egg and undergo a series of molts to become full-sized adults. Nymphs darken as they age. White silverfish seen within your home are young, or nymph, silverfish.

Identifying even one nymph within your home may be cause for concern. Regardless of age, the presence of one silverfish commonly indicates that a full-blown infestation exists in dark, hidden places within your home. Check garages, kitchens, attics and basements for larger populations; silverfish are especially attracted to stored boxes containing paper and clothing.

Although silverfish do not bite humans and are not dangerous insects, they are destructive and should not be allowed to thrive within your home. Individual silverfish can be killed through the use of traps. However, the majority of a silverfish population is not affected by do-it-yourself treatments and many may continue to thrive. A pest control expert should be contacted to address an infestation.

Silverfish Scientific Name

Silverfish Bite

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