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Sowbug Facts & Informations

Protect your home or business from sowbugs by learning techniques for identification and control.

Sowbug illustration
Porcellio laevis
P. scaber.


How do I get rid of sowbugs?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Behavior, Diet & Habits

Understanding Sowbugs


  • Size: Sowbugs are flat, oval creatures that are about 1 cm long.

  • Body: Their body has several segments, including seven pair of legs and two pair of antennae.

  • Characteristics: Despite their name, sowbugs, sometimes called a woodlouse, are not really bugs. They are land-living crustaceans. Another crustacean, the pillbug, resembles the sowbug. Sowbugs cannot roll up when they are disturbed like pillbugs do. Sowbugs have two appendages that look like tails. Pillbugs do not have the appendages.


Sowbugs eat organic debris and decaying plants, so it is common to find them under mulch in flowerbeds. To conserve moisture, they are usually active at night.


Sowbugs are not able to retain water in their bodies, so they spend most of their time in damp places. Outdoors they hide under:

  • Flowerpots

  • Logs

  • Rocks

  • Trash cans

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