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Beach Wolf Spider Facts & Information

Protect your home or business from beach wolf spiders by learning techniques for identification and control.

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Arctosa littoralis
11-15 mm long
Spotted body


How do I get rid of beach wolf spiders?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Behavior, Diet & Habits

Understanding Beach Wolf Spiders

What do beach wolf spiders look like?

Adult beach wolf spiders, Arctosa littoralis, are about 11-15mm long. They have a spotted body that is a mottled gray, brown, or nearly white. The color of this spider enables them to blend in with the sandy environment in which it hunts for food.

Where do beach wolf spiders live?

Beach wolf spiders live throughout the United States and parts of Canada around beaches, riverbanks, and other bodies of water. During the day they remain hidden within driftwood and may also dig burrows in the sand.

What do beach wolf spiders eat?

Unlike many other spider species, beach wolf spiders do not spin webs, instead, they chase, attack, and fiercely seize their prey.

How do beach wolf spiders reproduce?

After a female mates with a male spider, the female lays eggs and gathers them into a green egg sac. The mother carries the sac on her back until the eggs are ready to hatch, at which time she helps open the sac so the babies can escape. There may be more than 100 babies that hatch.

Do beach wolf spiders bite?

Beach wolf spiders are not aggressive but can bite if disturbed. Their bites can be painful but aren’t lethal to humans.

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