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Crab Spider Facts & Information

Protect your home or business from crab spiders by learning techniques for identification and control.

Crab spider illustration
Family Thomisidae
Crablike appearance & movements


How do I get rid of crab spiders?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Behavior, Diet & Habits

Understanding Crab Spiders

What do crab spiders look like?

  • Characteristics: Crab spiders are named for their crablike appearance and movements.

  • Body: Crab spiders have two large, strong front legs that are used to grasp prey. They scuttle sideways with their hind legs, although some species do move like other spiders. Their bodies are also flat like a crab's.

What do crab spiders eat?

Instead of spinning webs to catch prey, crab spiders use camouflage. Some resemble bird droppings, while others look like fruits, leaves, grass, or flowers. Others are capable of changing colors entirely. When prey approaches, these spiders attack and administer poisonous bites. Crab spider venom is potent enough to render large insects immobile.

Crab Spider Reproduction

Crab spiders produce eggs within a few weeks after mating. These eggs are deposited into two silken egg sacs, which are joined at the center. However, their eggs are not housed within a web. Females commonly remain near egg sacs in order to protect their young from predators. Hatching time depends on environmental conditions. After spiderlings emerge, they resemble adults. These small spiders undergo a series of molts before becoming mature and fertile.

Crab Spider Diseases

Crab spiders are not known to transmit diseases to humans. Although crab spiders are venomous spiders, their bite is considered relatively harmless to humans. However, if medical concerns arise, medical attention should be sought.

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