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Albino Scorpions

People often are fascinated by what appear to be albino or all white animals. In some cases true albinism exists, but with arthropods most people often are referring to freshly molted individuals. In order to grow, arthropods, including scorpions, must shed their skin. The underlying skin usually is white and soft but will darken as it hardens. There are many cases where “albino” arthropods have been collected by novices and shortly afterward the animal turns the typical adult color.

The molting process and period following it are precarious times for scorpions and other arthropods. There are many opportunities for molting to have complications such as an appendage becoming stuck in the old skin and the scorpion being unable to free itself. Immediately after the molt, the scorpion’s body is very soft, and they are not able to defend themselves. Predators would be able to make an easy meal of a freshly molted scorpion.


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