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Garden Scorpion Facts & Information

Protect your home or business from garden scorpions by learning techniques for identification and control.



How do I get rid of garden scorpions?

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Behavior, Diet & Habits

Understanding Garden Scorpions

Habitat & Behavior

While deserts are often the best spots to look for scorpions, these arachnids can sometimes visit gardens in their search for food. In rural and suburban areas, scorpions can often wander into yards and homes. They can be found under rocks, inside burrows and under logs.

Scorpions in the garden can sometimes cause panic upon first sight since these little arachnids have long been considered to be deadly, regardless of their species. In fact, there are few scorpion species that are considered lethal to humans. The effects of most scorpion stings can range from something similar to a bee sting to a really painful sting accompanied by swelling and other symptoms.

The risk of getting stung by a garden scorpion is also present when you are working outdoors in areas scorpions occur. One aid that you can use in eliminating garden scorpions is UV light. Some species of scorpions glow in the dark and they fluoresce when this type of light is shone onto them. If, for some reason, the population of scorpions moves into your home and becomes uncontrollable, a local pest control specialist can be brought in to provide a permanent solution. Most of these companies have specialized treatment procedures to maximize the elimination of garden scorpions.

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