Yearly Archives: 2004

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(NAPS) – As the weather cools, homeowners may notice some unwelcome visitors seeking indoor shelter. Rodents, which invade homes while looking for food and warmth, can be difficult to keep out no matter what their size or species. The most … Continue reading

(NAPS, August 2004) – The phrase “Sleep tight; don’t let the bed bugs bite,” may be truer than you think. Studies show that bed bugs are biting. According to a recent survey of more than 150 pest control companies in … Continue reading

Integrated pest management more effective than conventional pest control, independent of sanitation practices ATLANTA and BLACKSBURG, Va., July 15, 2004—A recent study by Atlanta-based pest management company Orkin, Inc. and Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) found that … Continue reading

(NAPS) – If you’ve ever failed to heed the warning, “Don’t bug them, and they won’t bug you,” and swatted at bees (particularly honeybees) or wasps (most notably yellow jackets, hornets and paper wasps), you likely know how painful insect … Continue reading

(NAPS)—Cockroaches have been around for more than 400 million years and are a widespread pest problem, constantly seeking sources of food and water—elements that exist in your home. These adaptable insects will consume almost anything, from sugar, water and beer … Continue reading

Dinner went well. The boss seemed happy with the food and my family. We went to the living room for a bit more conversation and dessert. Then out of the corner of my eye, I saw something scurrying behind the … Continue reading

ATLANTA, May 3, 2004—Rollins, Inc. (NYSE: ROL), a premier North American consumer services company, today announced that it has completed its acquisition of Western Pest Services and affiliates for a cash payment of approximately $110.0 million. Western Pest Services recorded … Continue reading

Three-step service helps homeowners ‘reclaim their yards’ ATLANTA, April 26, 2004—In response to customer demand and concern about mosquito-borne diseases, Atlanta-based Orkin, Inc. is now offering a new service to help homeowners control mosquito populations this summer. Orkin is the … Continue reading

Atlanta, March 1, 2004 – Atlanta-based Orkin, Inc. was recognized by Training magazine as part of its prestigious Top 100 list, which was announced at Training’s annual awards banquet last night. Orkin ranked No. 60th. This is the second year … Continue reading

This month, Orkin Inc. received a 2004 Readers”” Choice Award from Food Processing magazine, a leading trade publication within the food and beverage industry, for being the “best overall supplier of pest control services.” The second annual Food Processing Readers”” … Continue reading

Good night! Sleep tight! Orkin, Inc. says, “Don’t let the bed bugs bite!” Bed bugs continue to be a serious issue for everyone in the United States. At Orkin, we’re predicting that the number of bed bug infestations will continue … Continue reading