Orkin Commercial Services Offers Free Newsletter Content

Articles Help Property Managers Share Pest Management Tips With Residents and Tenants

ATLANTA, April 15, 2008Orkin Commercial Services today announced that property managers can download free newsletter content for their resident or tenant newsletters at its Web site. From pests and weather trends to kitchen sanitation, the articles provide valuable information applicable to both home and work environments. Commercial and residential property managers can download the articles by visiting www.orkincommercial.com and selecting “Property Management” from the drop-down menu under “Industry Solutions.”

The articles cover topics such as:

• Information about pests of concern during each season

• Easy-to-implement tips for managing pests

• Sanitation pointers that help control pests in the office and the home

• Steps for identifying and handling an infestation

Created with the input of Orkin’s board-certified entomologists and quality assurance team, the newsletter content offers property managers an efficient way to educate their residents or tenants on pest management and equip them with practical information to help stop infestations before they start.

“Many people don’t realize that the dirty dishes they leave out on the counter or the opened candy bars in desk drawers can actually be feeding pests,” said Orkin Director of Quality Systems Zia Siddiqi, Ph.D. “Property managers will find that their pest control programs will be even more successful with the help of their tenants.”

Orkin offers text-only versions of the articles and high-resolution images available for download on the site, and property managers also can view a suggested layout for the articles. For more free educational materials, property managers can visit Orkin University Online, a set of free learning aides at www.orkincommercial.com under the “About Orkin” drop-down menu.