Rollins Customer Care Center Relocates to Newton County

New facility scheduled to open in February 2006

ATLANTA, Nov. 22, 2005—Rollins, Inc. (NYSE:ROL), a premier North American consumer services company and parent of pest control provider Orkin, Inc., broke ground today on a new location for its Rollins Customer Care Center (RCCC) in Newton County, Ga. The move from Cliff Valley Way in Atlanta—a space RCCC has outgrown—to Lochridge Industrial Park in Covington will allow Rollins customer service specialists to continue providing exceptional customer service in an environment capable of meeting the department’s growing needs. The new 20,000-square-foot call center is scheduled to be completed in February 2006.

“Orkin safeguards public health and property by controlling pests in homes and businesses,” said Orkin, Inc. President and COO Glen Rollins. “Often the first contact our customers have with our company is with someone from RCCC. These people are very important ambassadors of the Orkin brand. We chose Newton County as our new home because of Covington’s highly regarded workforce, safe environment and expansion capabilities.”

With the company’s lease expiring in April 2006, coupled with the rapid growth of the call center, it was time for a move. Rollins hired a professional site selection company to search more than 630 labor markets to find the best place for relocation. Prime search criteria were a workforce with a strong work ethic, good attendance and low turnover. Other considerations included workforce competition, facility availability, access to the Rollins, Inc. home office and minimum business disruption to move. Covington prevailed on all criteria.

All current RCCC employees have been offered positions at the Newton County location, and Rollins, Inc. Vice President—Call Center, Jack MacKenzie, expects 80 percent to either move or commute. Rollins plans to hire 40 to 60 new full-time employees and approximately 20 part-time associates at the facility next spring in time for swarm and pest season.

“RCCC handled just under 1.2 million calls in 2004, and we’re averaging about 23 percent more in 2005,” said MacKenzie. “We’ll need the added employees to serve our growing clientele in the coming seasons, and Newton County offers a high percentage of well-educated people interested in both professional and second-income types of jobs.”

RCCC provides service 18 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. The multifunctional center provides services for two regional call centers, termite claims, complaints handling and public relations fulfillment, in addition to regular pest control and termite customer service. RCCC is also responsible for $20 million in sales annually, where it handles the cross-marketing sales program and website leads. The move to the expanded facility will allow RCCC to capitalize on current responsibilities and become more efficient, as well as opening the door and providing capabilities for additional functions.