Rollins, Inc. Completes Acquisition of Western Pest Services

ATLANTA, May 3, 2004—Rollins, Inc. (NYSE: ROL), a premier North American consumer services company, today announced that it has completed its acquisition of Western Pest Services and affiliates for a cash payment of approximately $110.0 million. Western Pest Services recorded revenues of $72 million in 2003 related to its pest control business.

At the same time, Rollins announced that it has sold certain ancillary operations, Residex Corporation, the pest control material distribution company that was acquired as part of the Western Pest Services transaction to an industry distribution group.

Prior to the acquisition, Western Pest Services was recognized as a premier pest control business and ranked as the eighth-largest company in the industry. Based in Parsippany, N.J., the company provides pest elimination and prevention in homes and businesses to over 130,000 customers from New York to Virginia, with additional operations in Georgia and Florida. Western is primarily a commercial pest control service company, and its existing businesses complement most of the services that Orkin offers, in an area of the country in which Orkin has not been particularly strong, the Northeast.

Glen Rollins, vice president of Rollins, Inc. and president of Orkin, Inc., who along with Western leadership, recently visited with all of Western’s co-workers over the past month commented, “We are impressed by the broad talent of the Western team and look forward to learning a great deal from them. Working together, we will improve operations and better serve our growing list of customers.”

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