What Do Deer Mice Look Like?

deer mouse  illustration

Deer mice measure 12 to 28 cm from nose to tail. They weigh 15 to 32 grams. Deer mice are named for their fur's striking similarity to the coloration of deer fur. Their grayish-brown bodies gradually whiten at the belly and legs. The most telling characteristic is their bicolored tail which is dark and bottom is light. Many people refer to deer mice as "field mice."

Deer mice are blind, pink and hairless at birth. They weigh 1 to 3 grams and begin to change color within 24 hours. On the third day after birth, the ears unfold. Eyes open within two weeks and young are weaned at four weeks. New fur exhibits faintly blue coloration, which fades as they grow older and disappears completely when deer mice are ready for sexual reproduction.