Lesson Plans

Help your students research, observe and demonstrate an understanding of the world of insects using these creative lesson plans.

Are You One of Us?

This lesson introduces students to systematics, the science of classifying insects and other living organisms, and they’ll learn that scientists classify living things according to similarities and differences.

Photo Template

This handout accompanies the “Are You One of Us?” lesson plan.

The Art of Flying

By creating a model that simulates insect wings, students will learn how insects make their wings work.

Is Seeing Believing?

This lesson will help students understand differences between images and creative representations by comparing and contrasting them.

Feeding Frenzy

Insects have to eat, too. This lesson will help students understand how insects' special mouthparts help them eat.

Feeling Buggy

Students will exercise creative writing skills with this lesson, which helps them imagine what it's like to be the size of an insect and use adjectives to describe their senses.