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Nootkatone Pest Repellent

What is Nootkatone?

Nootkatone is the newest chemical approved to kill and repel ticks and mosquitoes. According to the CDC, Nootkatone is exceptionally effective against mosquitoes, ticks and a wide variety of other biting pests and may provide repellency for several hours after use.

Other reports suggest it could become a valuable new option for combating the problem of insecticide resistance in mosquitoes and could be used in soaps, sprays, and lotions. The EPA states they consider Nootkatone to be nontoxic to humans and other mammals such as birds, fish and bees.

What is Nootkatone Used For?

It is a compound that occurs in small quantities in grapefruit skins and Alaska yellow cedar trees that has been shown to be a new repellent active ingredient developed by the CDC in conjunction with a private company. Nootkatone is considered a grapefruit essential oil. Nootkatone is widely used in the flavor and fragrance industry and is valued for its distinct, fresh, citrus scent. It is now also being used as an effective repellent against many kinds of biting insects.

Are Natural Mosquito Repellents Effective?

Mosquito repellents made with natural compounds not regulated and tested by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are generally not as effective or last as long as products that have been tested and approved for use by the EPA. However, this does not mean that natural mosquito repellents are inefficient. According to the CDC, studies have shown Nootkatone to have effective mosquito and pest-repellent abilities. Other natural repellents that can be also effective against mosquitoes include geraniol, catnip oil, cinnamon oil, IR3535 and 2-undecanone.

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