Albino Cockroaches

Do Albino Cockroaches Exist?

These roaches aren’t truly albino. Where albinos are organisms that lack typical skin pigment, a white cockroach is simply a juvenile that has molted recently.


Cockroaches go through seven to eight molts before reaching adulthood. The process involves shedding a shell and then growing a new one to suit their larger size. They continue growing and shedding until mature.

The number of molts a nymph undergoes varies by species. With each progressive molt, nymphs appear to look more and more like its adult counterparts.

When these pests outgrow their exterior casing, known as the cuticle, they split the cuticle and shed it. Their soft skin beneath appears white. Within a few hours, their new cuticles will harden and darken, appearing more like the typical coloration of its species.

Encounters & Concerns

Cockroach infestations can lead to the spread of disease and can even trigger asthma. Their presence in homes are a problem because it suggests breeding adults are also in the area.

For some species, their molted exterior serves as a food source for both nymph and adult roaches.

Since seeing a white cockroach means an infestation is growing, homeowners should take action. Baits and other remedies are available, but handling chemicals without training can be dangerous.

The best way to get these pests under control is to contact the professionals. The Orkin experts have the skills to track down insect hiding spots and remove problem pests.