Asian Cockroaches

Facts, Identification and Control

Latin Name

Blattella asahinai


What Do They Look Like?

Asian cockroaches appear identical to German cockroaches.

  • Length: Asian cockroach adults are about 13 to 16 mm long.
  • Color: They are light brown and have two parallel lines behind their head on the pronotum.

How Did I Get Asian Cockroaches?

Asian cockroaches are strong fliers. These pests prefer to live outside, but they can enter homes by accident through open doors, windows, and poorly fitted seals. Attracted to light, they may fly towards bright entryways and porch lights.

Outdoors, populations living in leaf litter and mulch may grow into the thousands. As a result, people with an Asian cockroach infestation in the yard are more likely to start noticing the insects in the house. Uncovered trashcans and pet food or dirty dishes may draw them indoors, as well.

How Serious Are Asian Cockroaches?


Asian cockroaches may carry disease-causing microorganisms on their bodies. When they walk over pantry goods, counters, and cooking utensils, these pathogens could spread.

Asian cockroach waste and body oils may also make the flavor and smell of food unpleasant. In addition, these pests might also trigger allergic reactions in some people.

How Do I Get Rid of Asian Cockroaches?

Cockroach populations multiply quickly and are difficult to eradicate without professional help. Contact your local pest control professional to discuss treatment options.

DIY Prevention

If you notice an Asian cockroach inside your home, the use of screens may be effective in preventing further infestation.

Behavior, Diet & Habits

What Do They Eat?

Like other species, the Asian cockroach is omnivorous and feeds on any available food source. They have been known to carry germs and can spread diseases to humans. Asian cockroaches are prolific breeders and reach peak populations in spring and summer.

Geographic Range

As its name suggests, the Asian cockroach is most commonly found in Southeast Asia. However, the pest has spread significantly and is now known to infiltrate houses worldwide. First documented in the United States in the 1980s, they have since spread through most of the Southeastern United States.

Where Do They Live?

Asian cockroaches are typically located in shaded, moist areas. While they are more likely to infest outdoor areas, they do sometimes enter homes. The pests are most active at dusk and fly long distances toward sources of light. You may see these insects attracted to your television screen or perched near lamps and other sources of illumination.

Asian Roaches vs. German Roaches

The best way to distinguish Asian cockroaches from German cockroaches is through their behaviors. Use these three behaviors to tell them apart:

  • Do they fly? - Asian cockroaches are capable flyers, while German cockroaches are not.
  • Are they attracted to light? - The most significant attractant is light. Therefore, If you see a cockroach that looks like the more familiar German cockroach, but doesn’t seem to be alarmed and scurry away when the lights are turned on, that cockroach is very likely an Asian cockroach.
  • Where did you find them? - Asian cockroaches live primarily outdoors, while German cockroaches tend to infest human dwellings.