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If you’ve had enough of setting traps, gels, and spraying for roaches, call Orkin to create an effective roach treatment plan for your home.

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“I had a fantastic outcome after hiring Orkin as our pest control service. I no longer have cockroaches in my kitchen area…I highly recommend it to anyone with a roach infestation or other pest. My pest control technician is the best and always so kind and helpful.” – Julia K.

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Cockroach Risk: Powder icon

Is there powder that kills cockroaches?

Boric acid is a powder used to kill cockroaches and correct use is key for it to be effective. Orkin Pros know how to track roach activity to find the right spots to apply treatment that will kill the pest without causing problems for people or pets.

Cockroach Risk: Gel icon

Does roach killer gel work?

Using gel bait to kill cockroaches is often ineffective as this method requires them to eat the gel provided, and some may not be attracted to it. Roaches that don’t eat the bait will live on and reproduce.

Cockroach Risk: Electric icon

What about an electric roach killer?

Electronic roach killers or repellents claim to work by producing sounds that are supposed to repel cockroaches. While they may keep a few away, they are not an effective method for killing cockroaches or getting rid of an infestation.

Our Cockroach Treatment Approach

The Most Effective Roach Control Near You

Cockroach infestations are one of the most common and stubborn problems. That’s why Orkin Pros create customized roach treatment programs to meet each home’s unique needs. Getting rid of roaches for good is a multi-step process, not a one-time treatment.

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Orkin Roach Removal

Orkin Roach Removal


There are over 30 types of cockroaches that commonly invade homes. Identifying the type of species invading your home is key to finding the right solution. Orkin can help get rid of American cockroaches, oriental cockroaches, flying cockroaches, and more.


Fumigation for cockroaches involves treating the perimeter of your structure with the appropriate materials and using the safest methods available to help get rid of these unsightly pests.


We’ll do everything we can to keep roaches out—seal, caulk, plug, and secure gaps and cracks.

Keep Watch

We’ll treat the interior of your home and install roach monitors in critical areas such as kitchens, baths, utility rooms, and garages.


After roach extermination services, Orkin Pros always provide a detailed report of services rendered and recommendations to help keep your home free of roaches.

Follow Up

We’ll stay in touch between our regular visits and respond to any immediate needs to help keep your home cleared of cockroaches.

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Pest Control and Safety

Pet-friendly Pest Control for Your Home

Orkin's exclusive Points of Service™ approach strives to provide cockroach pest control in the safest manner possible. Your home, family, and pets are always considered when applying pesticides to surface areas in and around your home.

Is there pet-safe pest control?

Pesticides for household insects like roaches are designed to be applied at low concentrations effectively killing small insects but with no threat to people or pets. For added safety, pets should be kept from the treated area until the surface area dries.

Is pest control safe for humans?

Roach pest control treatments are applied in the safest manner possible with customized treatments to accommodate your needs. Our low-concentration pesticides are safely applied with people and pets in mind to effectively kill small insects like roaches.

Environmentally Safe Pest Control

Orkin offers environmentally safe roach pest control through Integrated Pest Management programs using a combination of treatment methods to achieve acceptable levels of control with minimal impact on humans, non-target organisms, and the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions


Protect Your Home from Cockroaches

How do I get roaches out of my car?


How do I get roaches out of my car?

Cockroach Species, Genus & Taxonomy

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What are Cockroaches' Natural Predators?

How to Distinguish Cockroaches vs. Other Pests

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Buying a home with roaches


We looked at one last night that we really liked; however, we saw two Raid cans in different rooms, all cabinets were open in the house, and we saw a few dead bugs which I think were roaches. Should we be concerned?

Avoid bringing roaches when you move


I want to be sure that I do not take any roaches or roach eggs with me when I move. Can you tell me what I need to do in order to ensure this doesn’t happen?

Roaches in used sofa sleeper


How likely is it that I will bring roaches into my home via a used sofa sleeper?

How to get rid of waterbugs or sewer roaches?


We get these bugs — some people call them sewer roaches, and others call them water bugs. How do we get rid of them?

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