How Do Bug Bombs Kill Roaches?

American Cockroach

What Are Cockroach Foggers?

Also called cockroach bombs, foggers are a form of pest control that releases a mist of pesticides into the air. Many of these products do contain chemicals that can control these pests. Unfortunately, their method of delivery is not always the safest or most effective.

Do Foggers Work?

A fogger can sound appealing as a way to remove whole infestations at once. The idea is that airborne pesticides will disperse throughout the space to target all cockroaches.

In practice, a cockroach bomb often doesn’t penetrate into the cracks and crevices where these pests hide. In some cases, the pests resist the active ingredients in foggers as well, so an infestation may not respond at all.


Failing to properly use cockroach foggers can be dangerous for people, pets, and property. Not only may they damage furniture and fabric, but fumes are harmful if inhaled. High concentrations are also flammable and risky near gas or electric appliances and in some cases have led to serious, destructive fires.

Other Methods for Cockroach Removal

One way to manage the pests without foggers or bombs is to alter their habitat. Reducing clutter and moisture limits possible nesting sites. However, a serious cockroach problem may need a more direct solution. For safe pest treatments, contact the team at Orkin.

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