Blue Bottle Flies in the Home

Blue bottle flies superficially resemble the house fly but are shiny blue in color. They are commonly found on windows and produce loud, buzzing sounds. Because blue bottle flies deposit their eggs in decomposing organic matter, their appearance indoors indicates that decomposing matter is present nearby.

First, examine sewer pipes for breaks or fissures. If no breaks are found, garbage areas should be inspected. Flies may lay their eggs in trash scraps. Dead animal carcasses may also be the source of a sudden appearance of blue bottle flies. A forgotten mousetrap or a dead animal inside a wall or attic may lead to a blue bottle fly infestation.

Small numbers of blue bottle flies may enter homes in pursuit of light or accidentally through an open door or window. Using fly strips is a method of capturing individual flies. Aerosol insecticide may also be of use. However, these methods kill only exposed flies and do not treat infestations. Contact your local pest control professional to discuss eradication options.