If you're concerned about pests, Orkin's pest control service in Dothan has you covered. You can take action against the pests invading your home by calling us — our technicians are well-versed in the pests native to Dothan and the problems they may cause.

When you summon the Orkin team, we investigate your home to help identify where pests are entering from, then work to manage their presence. From there, our Dothan pest control technicians help prevent future intrusions from unwanted guests.

Pests won't wait for an invitation to come in, nor do they need one to cause problems. That's why, as soon as you suspect bugs or rodents are encroaching, it's important to call Orkin to learn about our Dothan home pest control options. There are many pests that Dothan residents may encounter, including cockroaches that, along with being unsettling, can potentially cause health problems and food-safety issues. Ants may damage property, while the area's mosquitoes can potentially spread viruses like Zika. Rodents can transmit diseases on top of chewing through property, while crickets are noisy and silverfish can chew through fabric and paper. Finally, stinging pests, ticks, and spiders can annoy Dothan residents with their bites and stings, and allergic reactions are possible in some individuals.

The good news is that you don't have to face these would-be invaders alone. By calling Orkin, you'll be summoning an ally with an advanced approach, state-of-the-art tools, and over 120 years of industry experience.

Termites are another menace, which is why Orkin provides Dothan termite treatment services. These wood-hungry bugs can cause extensive damage to home elements such as floors, wall studs, and roof supports, causing hazards and potentially requiring expensive repairs.

Orkin's Dothan termite control inspectors can help keep termites at bay with well-tested equipment and techniques. Termite bait, void-filling foam, and liquid barrier protectant are three examples of the prescribed treatments our technicians use in the effort to make your home unwelcoming to termites.

Bed bug control in Dothan is another priority for Orkin. Without notice, these blood-thirsty insects may infiltrate your home and begin multiplying. Within a short length of time, you may find yourself facing thousands of bed bugs, which are both unsettling and will bite you, your family, and your pets. Fortunately, Dothan residents can count on Orkin to help get rid of bed bugs. Following a thorough investigation, our Dothan bed bug treatment experts can make a plan specially tailored for your home, helping to remove the nuisance of bed bugs.

Whether you're facing pests that crawl, skitter, or fly, Orkin's pest management technicians in Dothan are ready to assist. We'll help you reclaim your home and the relaxation and enjoyment it provides. Get in touch with us today to hear about how we can tackle your pest issue.

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