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Los Angeles Pest Pressure

Outdoor Pests

Many biting and stinging insects enjoy the consistently warm weather in Los Angeles, CA. With only a few days of precipitation annually, this region of the state invites constant outdoor activity. The following pests thrive under these conditions:


These pests are always ready to ruin a picnic during warm weather. Southern California temperatures remain in the 60s and 70s for most of the year, so wasps can annoy residents from March to November. Wasp venom is painful, and a sting may cause a serious allergic reaction.

Red Imported Fire Ants

Accidentally disturbing a red imported fire ant nest rarely ends well. These pests bite and also inject a painful, burning venom into their victims when they sting.Red imported fire ant colonies prefer urban areas, and nests built beneath foundations and walkways are common. Due to the prolonged dry weather in the Los Angeles area, heavy ant pressures occur as these pests seek out inside areas of homes during the dry weather.

Indoor Pests

As the second largest city in the United States, Los Angeles is home to a number of pests that flourish close to human activity. Those listed below include some of the area's most common:

Bed Bugs

To find new hosts, bed bugs crawl into luggage or cling to fabric. Cities with high population rates, like Los Angeles, make it easier for the pests to get around. Also, bed bugs are often brought inside Los Angeles homes by unknowingly bringing infested items inside the house, condo, or apartment.

Once inside a home, bed bugs hide in mattress seams, bed frames and almost anywhere they find hidden, protected places. The insects emerge at night to feed on people's blood. Residents are often unaware of an infestation until skin rashes and bed bug bites appear. If a homeowner sees these pests in the daytime, that usually is an indication of a very large infestation.


Rats feed on everything from garbage to the food they find in pantries. Apartment buildings and homes in the Los Angeles suburbs provide meals as well as protection. Having a rodent infestation is an issue because the animals spread bacteria wherever they go. California residents dealing with rat problems are also at risk for diseases like salmonellosis, endemic typhus, arenavirus, and Hantavirus.

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