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Our Oakland Area Services

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Oakland Pest Pressure

The warm climate and booming population in Oakland, CA, leads to serious issues with pests such as cockroaches. About half a dozen species of the pest insect can be found in the Northern California city. They are drawn to dark, damp areas of homes like basements, underneath appliances, laundry rooms, and bathrooms. Aside from being unsightly, cockroaches contaminate food, destroy fabric materials, and produce foul odors. They are even known to induce asthma in individuals living among infestations.

Red imported fire ants and carpenter ants are also common household pests in and around Oakland. Populations of red imported fire ants have been on the rise in the region. The pests sting people when they feel threatened or when their nests are disturbed. Their venom often causes their victims to experience a burning sensation at the sting site. Carpenter ants are extremely destructive. They carve out tunnels in the wooden framework of buildings in order to nest, which undermines the structural integrity of homes.

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