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Arvada Pest Pressure

Cities with higher elevations, like Arvada, CO, may experience a greater population of ticks. The region's most common species are the Rocky Mountain wood tick and the American dog tick. These pests are known to transmit the organisms that cause Colorado tick fever, tularemia, and relapsing fever. When they feed on the blood of humans and pets, they risk passing on these dangerous diseases. Swallow bugs also infest the Arvada area. Though they primarily feed on birds, they often resort to biting humans during periods of migration and before or after dormant stages.

As winter approaches Arvada, some pests move inside looking for temperature-controlled environments. For example, box elder bugs and multi-colored Asian lady beetles are abundant in Colorado homes during cold weather, gathering in large numbers and startling residents. Both nuisance pests release an unpleasant odor when crushed and can stain draperies or light colored surfaces with their excretions. Additionally, box elder bugs have been known to feed on some house plants.

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