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When it comes to protecting your property against unwanted pests, you want experienced pest control in Charlotte. For over 120 years, Orkin has helped protect residential and commercial properties from unwelcome and unsanitary intruders.

Utilizing the most current prevention technologies and techniques, our science-based pest control service locates the problem areas and determines the most effective treatment plan.

It's not uncommon for pests, such as cockroaches, ants, and crickets in Charlotte, to find their way into your home or office. They're very efficient at entering through the smallest crevices and establishing themselves before you realize it. Our technicians specialize in home pest control in Charlotte to help remove unwelcome intruders and help prevent their return.

As a result of Orkin's comprehensive initial and ongoing training programs, our technicians adeptly identify each stage of the pest's life cycle, including behavior patterns. They locate entry points and establish a management program to help rid the pesky creatures and return peace and comfort to your home.

Shelter-seeking pests migrate indoors for protection, carrying the potential to contaminate your safe haven with harmful bacteria and disease. Charlotte's cockroaches carry foodborne illnesses and present a health hazard, particularly for individuals suffering from chronic conditions like asthma.

In addition to their potential for transmitting disease, some ants also bite or have wood-destroying capabilities. Both cockroaches and ants carry bacteria on their bodies that's transferred from them as they infest food stored in cupboards and pantries and walk across countertops. Orkin's products and techniques help keep your environment clear of pests.

Termites in Charlotte can create extensive damage before you even realize you have a problem. Burrowing through underground tunnels, they destroy wood and wood-based products, such as paper and drywall, risking your home's structural integrity.

Termites seek warmth and moisture, and they work their way into a structure's crawlspace, basement, and attic. Our Charlotte termite control team combines field experience with the latest technology to treat termite infestations and help prevent them from returning.

Orkin's termite treatment in Charlotte may utilize Termidor® liquid both indoors and out. It's applied to the perimeter of the structure's foundation to provide a protective barrier. It begins working immediately and helps shield your property from future infestations thanks to record-keeping flowmeters.

Our termite inspectors add an extra layer of protection with OrkinFoam that expands to fill gaps around heating ducts and water pipes, between walls, and under slabs. Our Sentricon® bait and monitoring system offers continued protection around mulch and downspouts.

Once you've seen evidence of bed bugs, you'll want to act quickly to rid your home of these sneaky and prolific intruders. One pregnant female can lead to an infestation of thousands within months and affect bedding, clothing, and furniture. Bed bugs' bites cause swelling, burning, and irritation that result in rashes. Orkin's bed bug treatment in Charlotte is a reliable resource to help you rid your home of these pests.

When it's time to get rid of bed bugs in Charlotte, our Orkin technicians assess your home, develop a plan, and provide continuous monitoring. Our Charlotte bed bug control utilizes the latest standards and technology to effectively help protect your home against current and future infestations.

Orkin's bed bug detection service in Charlotte finds the root of the problem by targeting common hiding places. Our technicians act immediately to break the bed bug life cycle. They also help prevent future problems with an effective initial treatment plan that includes ongoing monitoring.

If you're experiencing a pest problem in your home, let Orkin take care of business. We employ field experience with the latest technologies to help ensure your comfort. Contact us today to learn more about our pest control services.

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