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Portland Pest Pressure

Summer and Spring Pests

Located at the northern end of the Willamette Valley, Portland, OR, has lush foliage that attracts many problem insects. Summer and spring pests that may infest Oregon homes include:

Box Elder Bugs

These insects become a nuisance when they overwinter in Portland homes and when they consume plants outside and nearby the home. Box elder bugs flock to warm, sunlit areas to “pre-stage” before going inside to overwinter, so look for them on parts of the building with light exposure. The pests feed on a variety of plants but prefer box elder trees.

Stink Bugs

There are over 50 stink bug species in Oregon. The more common varieties create problems for gardeners as well as homeowners. Stink bugs use their sucking mouthparts to feed on plants, damaging them in the process. The insects do not harm people, but stink bugs do overwinter in homes, often in large numbers.

Indoor Animal Pests

Insects aren't the only seasonal concern for Portland residents. When temperatures drop in Oregon, some animal pests that move indoors are:

House Mice

At night, when mice are most active, residents may hear the pests scratching and rustling within the walls. Once inside, a house mouse will forage for food, contaminating items and surfaces as it moves through the pantry. In addition to possibly setting up conditions that favor diseases, house mice can contaminate and thus damage food products stored within the home. These rodents might also bring fleas and ticks into Oregon homes and leave droppings and urine deposits wherever they go.

Norway Rats

This large rodent prefers to live near people and is a burrowing rat that spends the daytime hidden away underground or protected by outside clutter. However, if able to get inside, a Norway rat may occupy hidden, sheltered places in homes or any type of shelter with access to food. In dense cities, like Portland, there is no shortage of attractive places for Norway rats.

Roof Rats

Roof rats also cause problems around the exterior and at times the interior of Portland homes. Unlike Norway rats, these rats prefer to nest above ground and are often found nesting in trees, elevated dense vegetation, or sometimes in attics. As you might expect, roof rats are very good climbers and sometimes use power lines and cables to get inside homes. Rats can transmit numerous illnesses to people and pets, one of which is rat bite fever. Also, rats and mice often damage property by gnawing on the structural components of homes and electrical wires.

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