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Given the city's damp weather conditions, Anderson, SC, is an ideal home for termites and cockroaches. Termites are some of the most notorious home-invading pests because the burrow into wooden structures to both eat and carve out galleries. This behavior can weaken the structural integrity of the timber and puts buildings at heighted risk of collapsing. Cockroaches also infest homes in Anderson, but they gather in bathrooms, basements, under kitchen sinks, laundry rooms and in other areas. The pests have the ability to spread bacteria, like those causing dysentery. Also, cockroaches are known to aggravate allergies in occupants who live in residences with cockroach problems.

Rodents bother Anderson residents, as well, and cause problems all over homes. Rats and mice living in walls rip up insulation, create holes that allow them to move in and out of the voids, and gnaw on electrical wires, which could cause electrical shorts or fires. When rodents get into kitchens, they contaminate both pet and human food with their droppings. In attics and basements, they urinate on and chew up personal belongings. Finally, rats and mice spread a number of diseases, including hantavirus and salmonellosis.

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