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Maryville, TN, homes are commonly invaded by pests, including odorous house ants, little black ants, and carpenter ants. While most ants are nuisance pests, carpenter ants are particularly troublesome because they can damage wooden structures. They are often confused with termites but do not actually eat wood. Instead, the ants tunnel inside in order to build their nests.

Residents of Maryville can also come into contact with two species of venomous spiders. Black widow and brown recluse spiders tend to keep to themselves, but can bite if they feel threatened. Bites often result from spiders getting trapped inside clothing. Homeowners are most likely to find black widows in dark, undisturbed areas like crawl spaces and the corners of garages, while, as the name implies, brown recluse spiders are shy and avoid human contact if possible.

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