For over 120 years, Orkin has offered the highest quality home pest control across the country, and we’re always happy to help Spokane residents. Spokane has many local pests that are common to the area, and our technicians are specially trained to help handle them.

Not only does our pest control in Spokane help rid your house of existing infestations, but we also can identify the ways pests are getting in to prevent them from spreading. Our technicians will check every nook and cranny of your house to find pests and use specialized solutions to help stop future infestations as well. Give us a call for a rundown of our Spokane pest control service offerings.

Spokane has a unique lineup of pests to deal with. All sorts of critters make their homes in the city, including cockroaches, ants, mosquitos, rodents, centipedes, scorpions, ticks, and spiders. Not only are these creatures unsightly, but they can cause costly damage to your property and impact your health. Cockroaches, ants, mosquitos, and rodents can spread germs, bacteria, and diseases, and these critters can also cause damage to your home and belongings. Luckily, our Orkin technicians have the knowledge and training to identify and help manage any infestation that you may be dealing with.

Our technicians are equipped with the latest in high-tech pest control equipment, and our procedures are based on decades of experience and scientific study about how to best deal with all manners of pest infestations. Our team is equipped with award-winning training that gives the technicians the skills they need to deal with whatever you need them to do.

Termites, which are also common to the Spokane area, can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your house before you even realize that they're there. Our termite inspectors can help identify an infestation in progress and will create a customized plan for Spokane termite treatment to help deal with the specific termite problem in your house.

Orkin termite inspectors use cutting-edge equipment that helps give our team a full assessment of the state of the infestation and the damage to your home. We may use a variety of prescribed methods for termite control in Spokane, including termite bait, liquid barrier protectant, and void-filling foam, to help deal with termite activity and prevent it from getting worse, as well as to help prevent future infestations from taking root.

Bed bugs are especially nasty pests that can take over your home in a matter of months. A few bed bugs can turn into thousands in under six months if their presence isn't addressed correctly. These blood-suckers can bite you, your pets, and your family, resulting in itchy, red bumps and potentially spreading diseases. Spokane bed bug control measures are essential to help free your home from these unwanted guests, and Orkin’s bed bug treatment services are second to none, thanks to our hardworking inspectors and technicians that will help find and eradicate all of the tiny nuisances.

If you're dealing with a pest infestation, don’t hesitate to call Orkin for help right away.

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