Charleston is the largest city in West Virginia, and like most cities, has its share of pests. Some are mere nuisances, but others present a serious health threat to humans. When you’re dealing with an infestation, don’t delay in calling Orkin’s pest control service — our Charleston pest control team is equipped to help rid your home of vermin and other local pests.

First on the list of Charleston’s most prevalent pests are cockroaches. They live just about everywhere in the world, and Charleston is no exception. Carriers of E. coli and salmonella, roaches are not only unpleasant nuisances; they can be downright dangerous. They track soil and food waste into your home, and their feces and saliva can cause disease and aggravate asthma symptoms. They create nests and breed abundantly, keeping an infestation active without targeted Charleston pest control.

Ants are also frequent home invaders in Charleston. Some can be destructive to property, whereas other species sometimes bite or sting. They can also spread bacteria across your food prep and storage areas. Crickets and silverfish, though not considered dangerous, are undoubtedly unpleasant to have in your home. Crickets top the nuisance-index with their constant, annoying chirping. Silverfish are creepy creatures that chew through paper materials as well as fabrics. Orkin's home pest control in Charleston can help manage these problem pests and others, such as mosquitoes, ticks, and stinging pests, that may lurk around your home.

You may not know you have termites until it’s too late. "Silent destroyers" is a well-earned name as their damage can go unnoticed for years, and homeowners are no stranger to spending thousands on repairing termite destruction. Luckily, Orkin offers termite control in Charleston with an experienced team that will help seek out and manage any active infestations.

Termites eat wood and other cellulose-based materials, and they can wreak havoc anywhere in your home. For best results, Orkin tailors its Charleston termite treatment plans to your home and adjusts them as necessary, using research-based products proven to work. Customized combinations of prescribed foams, liquids, and bait traps with ongoing monitoring can help manage these tiny, destructive pests. At the first sign of damage, such as piles of sawdust, contact Orkin for an inspection.

than over-the-counter products can deliver. Night after night, bed bugs go undetected as they make dinner of sleeping guests and the itchy red bumps they leave behind can hurt, swell, or even become infected. Our Charleston bed bug treatment helps remove them from your home while targeting mature adult bugs and unborn larvae. Our inspectors and technicians are well-versed in how to get rid of bed bugs in Charleston and are at your service. Contact us today to learn more about our portfolio of pest management offerings.

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