What Eats Carpet Beetle Larvae?

Many animal species consume beetle larvae outside. Certain ant species eat beetle larvae, as do other potential indoor predators like spiders. Typically, none of these animals prey exclusively on carpet beetles. As a general rule, predators often tend to be generalists and will consume a variety of prey. Predation of carpet beetles would most likely happen upon the larvae. However, the larvae have defenses to combat predators. They often hide in crevices or other enclosed areas to limit their exposure. Many carpet beetle larvae are covered in dense hairs to make consuming them difficult.

Predators are not an effective solution for carpet beetles, since they wouldn't consume enough to affect indoor populations. The predators themselves often are pests in their own right when inside.

Inside, carpet beetle larvae cause damage to a variety of materials, and their growth can remain unchecked. Should you identify a carpet beetle infestation within or around your home, contact your local pest control professional to discuss treatment options.