Carpet Beetle Larvae in Furniture

Carpet Beetle

The larvae of all carpet beetle species are known for their ability to digest keratin, a protein contained in animal hairs and other animal-based fibers. Many years ago, furniture makers used horsehair as padding in upholstered furniture. There is a species of carpet beetle that got its name from attacking upholstered furniture. It is called the furniture carpet beetle.

Furniture carpet beetle larvae may dwell in furniture and feed on upholstery, hairs and furniture padding. They also consume furs, silk, horns, leather, carpet and wool. Some larvae may also feed on rayon, jute, linen and cotton items that are soiled with perspiration or oil-based stains. While carpet beetle larvae prefer natural fibers, they also infest and destroy articles of clothing comprised of a natural and synthetic blend.

Furniture carpet beetle larvae measure around 5 mm in length. Their bodies are banded with stiff, erect brown hairs. Larvae are stout with tapered ends.

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