What do June Bugs Look Like?

What are June Bugs & White Grubs?

June bugs, also known as May bugs, are a type of scarab beetle named for the time of year when they are most prevalent.

Their larvae, the white grub, is a nuisance in lawns and gardens. Grubs have soft, off-white bodies with brownish heads and six well-developed legs.

June Bug Appearance

Adult June bugs are typically one half to one inch long and brown to red in color. They are known for their clumsy flight patterns that often cause them to collide with windows. The pests are frequently found clinging to screens.

Damage Caused

Adult June bugs eat leaves and cause damage. However, their larvae are the bigger nuisance. Grubs pull up turf, leaving dry, bald patches in lawns.

Additionally, they attract animals like moles and voles that dig through gardens and yards to hunt them.

Due to their ability to destroy property and attract equally damaging pests, it’s best to call the specialists at Orkin for June bug and white grub removal.