Centipedes in the Bathroom

Why Do Centipedes Live in Bathrooms?

Centipedes can't survive in the cold, so they move inside homes to avoid harsh winter weather. The pests also lack the ability to retain moisture, leading them to seek out damp areas such as basements and bathrooms. Residents often see them crawling out of shower drains or running across the floor.

centipede image

Problems Caused by Centipedes in the Bathroom

Although generally no more than a nuisance, centipedes in bathrooms still cause issues. For one, the pests' many legs and darting movements may scare residents. A few larger species can also bite people. Most centipede bites are not a serious medical concern, but they may cause some pain, swelling, and numbness.


Since centipedes in bathrooms usually seek out moisture, the best way to make the area less welcoming is to monitor humidity. Clean drains regularly and declutter the space under sinks to further deter the pests.

Large infestations of centipedes in the bathroom may require expert removal. For the best results, call Orkin to handle pest control in the house.