What Do Fleas Look Like?


  • length - adult fleas are approximately 2.5 mm long
  • color - dark in color, ranging from brown to reddish brown
  • body - thin & flat with hair
  • mouthparts - adults have mouthparts which are used to extract the host's blood
  • legs - six long legs
  • no wings - fleas are wingless
  • jump - capable of jumping large distances from host to host

Individual fleas are difficult to kill by hand and typically require chemical treatment.

The bodies of fleas are thin and flat, allowing for easy movement through an animal's fur. Their bodies are also covered in hair that serves to root them to the host.

Fleas are commonly visible moving in infested pet's fur. Their presence may be marked by reddened skin.

Pictures of Fleas

Below are photos and images of fleas:

flea illustration Close-Up of a Flea Close-Up of a Flea image of a flea post feeding Flea After Feeding dog flea image Dog Flea

Your local pest control professionals should be contacted to discuss solutions and extermination options designed specifically for your indoor infestations.