Where Do Dust Mites Come From?

Where Do Dust Mites Live?

Dust mites have been around for about as long as people have lived inside protective shelters, and these mites still live and thrive with homeowners inside their homes today.

In fact, studies designed to locate and identify dust mites show that between 30 and 80 percent of homes in the study had dust mites located in the home.

Since dust mites are extremely small, and can be seen only with a microscope, it is virtually impossible to pin down where existing dust mites came from. However, the chances are likely that they’ve been there for a long time.

Dust Mite Habitats

As the result of identifying dust mite habitats, it is certain that dust mites live in and around dust particles found in many areas of the home. Specifically, those that are dark and infrequently disturbed by cleaning and vacuuming.

Dust mite habitats typically include dust that occurs in carpeting, curtains, fabric covered furniture, beds, and pillows found throughout the home.

Locations inside the home where dust is allowed to accumulate, especially in dark areas such as inside closets or under beds and other furniture provide, are also ideal habitats for dust mites.

What Do Dust Mites Eat?

Dust mites are not blood feeders like many other species of mites, instead, they feed on the components of house dust:

  • Flakes of human skins
  • Fibers from cotton
  • Paper
  • Wood
  • Synthetic materials
  • Their own feces and cast-off skins

If available, they will also feed on:

  • Mold
  • Fungus spores
  • Pollen grains
  • Feathers

Dust mites cannot always just be tolerated since many occupants of homes where dust mites occur have allergies caused or worsened by the presence of dust mites.