Can Cinnamon Kill Silverfish?

One of the home methods utilized by homeowners in repelling silverfish is the use of cinnamon and ground cloves. It is said that silverfish have an aversion to cinnamon and will flee from cinnamon-contaminated areas. However, while cinnamon has some effect in repelling silverfish from infesting certain areas of your home, it cannot address an existing silverfish infestation. Cinnamon does not kill silverfish or their eggs.

Because one female silverfish lays one to three eggs a day or 2 to 20 eggs in a cluster, depending on species, and they live over two years, it is extremely important to address an infestation swiftly and in its entirety. Eggs and adults must be eradicated to free your home of these destructive insects. You may choose to use cinnamon as a repellent, but professional, customized treatment is necessary to exterminate silverfish populations. Contact your local pest control expert to discuss your treatment options.

Silverfish and Clothing