Texas Wolf Spiders

A wolf spider that is seen in Texas is Rabidosa rabida. These spiders occasionally can be seen crawling in within homes. Wolf spiders can also be found dwelling in cotton fields, wooded areas and the spaces beneath rocks, shrubs, debris and rubble.

These wolf spiders are dark brown in color, with stripes running down their abdomen and cephalothorax. Their legs can vary in color, with front legs appearing darker than the rest. Male wolf spiders are small in size, measuring up to 13 mm in length, while females can grow to be as large as 20 mm long.

The wolf spider males spin silken balls within which they deposit sperm. Female specimens attach these silken masses to themselves, leading to insemination. Wolf spiders participate in a series of mating displays prior to fertilization. Initially white, egg sacs are dark brown at maturity. Newly hatched spiders remain with the female until they are about a month old. At that time they disperse to hunt for themselves.