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Wolf Spider Bites

How to Identify The Bite

Unless a wolf spider is collected, it is difficult to identify the bite of a wolf spider. In general, they are identifiable and distinctly different than other insect bites due to the two “pin pricks” that spiders make when they bite. Otherwise, the appearance of a wolf spider bite will resemble that of many other spiders. Generally, they only bite only if handled and then their bite does not cause serious medical problems, unless the person bitten is highly allergic to their venom.


Typical reactions include initial pain, redness and itchiness that subside over a short time period. No serious medical consequences of these bites have been noted, even though there is a lot of erroneous information indicating that wolf spiders cause reactions similar to brown recluse spiders. A wolf spider bite typically feels like a bee sting.

How to Identify Bites on Pets

Pets bitten by a wolf spider are likely to limp, hold their paw up in the air if bitten on the foot and lick the bite site. Wolf spider bites are difficult to specifically identify on pets unless the spider is captured and provided to your veterinarian.

Venom: Is it Lethal?

Wolf spider venom is not lethal to humans, and most individuals do not experience allergic reactions. However, as with any type of sting or bite, a major factor related to the seriousness of the bite depends on your personal immune system and how it deals with the injected venom. Always seek the advice and treatment of a physician if bitten by any spider.

Infection Risks

Secondary bacterial infections are likely if the bite is not kept clean and disinfected.

Why They Bite

Wolf spiders bite out of defense and to capture prey.


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Wolf Spider Bites

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