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Do Carpet Beetles Fly?

Carpet Beetle

Carpet Beetle

Can Carpet Beetles Fly?

Finding carpet beetle damage is frustrating for homeowners and leads many people to wonder how the pests got inside. One of the most common questions about these insects relates to carpet beetle flight.

Do Carpet Beetles Have Wings?

Like most insects, these pests develop in stages. Carpet beetles do have wings, but only once they reach adulthood. The adults have a shiny, hard casing they can move to reveal a set of wings underneath.

Do Carpet Beetles Fly into Homes?

Attracted to lights, carpet beetles fly inside open windows and doors between spring and early fall. The pests may also infest houses by crawling through gaps in screens or hitching a ride on cut flowers or some other object. Once in the house, carpet beetle larvae attack any natural fabrics or animal products.

Carpet Beetle Damage

As their name suggests, these insects feed on fabric, especially natural fibers like wool, fur, and other costly items. Some pantry goods may also attract them. After adult carpet beetles fly indoors, they lay eggs on a food source to give larvae easy access to a meal after hatching.

Carpet Beetle Control

To keep flying carpet beetles out, seal any cracks in homes that might allow entry. If there is already an infestation, washing fabrics to remove sweat or food stains may make them less attractive to the pests and remove some eggs and larvae. Contact the team at Orkin to handle stubborn carpet beetle problems.


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