Lady Bug Traps

Commonly Used Ladybug Traps & Repellents: Why They Fall Short of Using a Professional

There are many types of ladybug traps and trap designs, but the most common and effective are those that use a black light to attract ladybugs and a design that uses powder, water or some type of adhesive to trap the insects. The attractiveness of such traps depends greatly on the amount of light that competes with the trap’s light source. Therefore, setting light traps in attics or a dark basement will attract some ladybugs, but perhaps not enough to provide a level of control that is satisfactory for most homeowners in their living spaces.

Compounds that are advertised as ladybug repellents usually include mineral oil, alcohol, garlic oil, capsaicin, camphor or menthol. While these products may repel ladybugs in relatively small areas, they often require reapplication to continue to be effective.

While ladybug traps and repellents may work, they can be somewhat expensive to use. Therefore, the most effective way to handle your ladybug problem is to contact your pest management professional (PMP) and follow their recommendations and control plans. Your pest management professional will provide an integrated control plan that is based on several effective components of ladybug management. These components include cultural controls, exclusion, exterior barrier application of products, indoor vacuuming and targeted product application to harborage sites.


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Lady Bug Traps

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Ladybug Infestations

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