Most Common Species of Centipedes in North America

Types of Centipedes in North America

Centipedes are found in a variety of North American environments, from harsh deserts to moist, deciduous forests. Centipedes in the United States are some of the largest of their kind.

House Centipede

House Centipede

Desert Centipedes

The sizeable North American centipede (Scolopendra hero) and the Sonoran Desert centipede, can be found in arid wastelands. These centipedes are found within the United States and Northern Mexico, where they thrive under rocks and logs.

Household Pests

Indoors, the most likely encountered centipede species is the house centipede (Scutigera coleoptrata). It ranges from 25 to 38 mm and possesses extremely long legs. They have the ability to travel along walls as well as floors.


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